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lash extension artist trained and certified in both classic and russian volume lashes. Home based salon Located in Kingston Ontario.

About Me.

My Name is Moneth and I have been working in the beauty industry for many years. I started my career in hair, and  eventually took on aesthetics where I found my niche in eyelash extensions. The best part of this industry is that its always changing and theres always new things to learn. 


I enjoy the things that allow me to be creative and eyelash extensions give me the perfect outlet. Eyelashes can be customized to each individual creating different looks.  It takes alot of patience ensuring every lash is properly prepped, isolated, and placed in the perfect spot but the end results are so worth it. 


 I have a passion for making people feel beautiful. I believe that when people feel beautiful they also feel empowered, thats what makes my job so amazing! 

-Moneth Kane





Volume Set 

Full Set $100 

Fill $45 (2 weeks)

Fill $60 (3 weeks)


Each Additional week +$20 (after 3 weeks)


How long do lash extensions last, and when should I get a fill? 

Natural lashes grow in cycles shedding every 21-90 days. Your lash extensions will fall out with the natural lash and around  2-3 weeks you will notice gaps in your lashes which is when people come in for a fill. 

What should I do before my service to prepare for lash extensions?

I always ask people not to wear any eye makeup and mascara when coming in for lashes. There can't be anything on your eyelashes even makeup residue so the longer I spend removing mascara and such the less time I have to put on more pretty lashes. 

Can I wear makeup or mascara with the lash extensions?

I dont recommend you wear mascara with your lash extensions, its added weight and extra friction when putting it on and taking it off which will cause your lashes to fall out prematurely. Not only that but one of the benefits of getting lash extensions is feeling like you don't need to wear mascara in the first place.  

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

When eyelash extensions are done properly and aftercare is maintained they should not damage your natural lashes. Not having to wear mascara everyday actually means your lashes will become healthier not having to put it on scrub it off every night. Of course aftercare plays a big roll in maintaining the health of your lashes and also how long they will last.

Do you do fills on other lash techs work?

I do offer fills on other peoples work however that will depend on the condition of current lashes.  Sometimes I may recommend a removal and then a new set put on. If I am able to do the fill the price will depend on how many lashes are left and the amount of work that will need to be done. Its best to book a 3 week fill to ensure we have enough time. 

What should I do for aftercare?

+Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours

+Do not wear mascara on your lash extensions.

+Do not pick or pull on your extensions.

+Avoid products that contain oil around your eyes.

+Avoid sleeping on your face.

+Use lash cleanser daily with a cleansing brush to get in between lashes.


Located in my cozy home salon

322 Avenue Rd,

Kingston Ontario

K7M 1C9

Tel: 613-985-4644

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